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Martin Strasavich

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I'm a Gulf war era Marine. I served from 90-94. I did a tour over in Okinawa with 3rd Div and FSSG both. I spent alot of my time deployed and seeing great places.

My list of units:
12th Marines Regiment Oki.
9th Engineers Oki.
10th Marines Camp Lejeune.
8th Engines Camp Lejeune.
2nd C.E.B Camp Lejeune.

Also a few detachments for deploying various places. I was a 1171 in the engineering field as a primary mos. I had 2 secondary mos's 1371 and 3531. That's combat engineer and Motor T for those who don't know. Neither a grunt or winger really as we are despised by both. I'm probably closer to a grunt as my friend Winger Ed can tell you.

I'm proud of my time with the Marines and prouder to be amongst those whoe My Family my Fellow Marines.


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